Brazilian Rice

The Brazilian Rice project is aimed at promoting Brazilian rice and its derivatives in the international market, through positioning and image-enhancing initiatives, commercial promotion and capacity building among the participating companies.

Created in 2012, the project is developed through a partnership between the Brazilian Rice Industry Association – Abiarroz and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency – Apex-Brasil.

It includes the participation of industries, cooperatives and commercial exporters, with nationwide scope.

Its chief focus at present is on nine priority international markets: Chile, Peru, Cuba, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Angola, Nigeria and South Africa.

The project is overseen by a Management Board composed of representatives from participating companies, from the Brazilian Rice Industry Association – Abiarroz, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency – Apex-Brasil, the Rio Grande do Sul Rice Institute – IRGA, the Rio Grande do Sul Federation of Rice Cooperatives – FEARROZ, the Rice Industry Union of the State of Rio Grande do Sul – SINDARROZ and the Federation of Industries of Rio Grande do Sul – FIERGS.

The Project

Positioning and Image

The opening of channels that promote the quality of rice and its derivatives for the Project’s target markets is the principal goal. Work includes recognition from opinion makers – such as technicians from the area, critics and journalist – and the generation of content for traditional and online media. In conducting this work, opinion makers are invited to learn more about the production and processing of Brazilian rice.

Promotion and Qualification Support

Capacity building of rice farming industry agents is an essential element in the process of increasing exports, and also contributes significantly to better performance of the domestic market. This is the reason for the concern in ensuring the Project follows a calendar of capacity building programs covering the most diverse fields of expertise. Staying abreast with modern concepts and new expertise that foster innovation are sought by means of technical missions, seminars and partnerships with suppliers.


The generation and diffusion of information plays an important role in this Project. The achievements and advances made in the Brazilian rice farming sector are publicized through an ample communication network, reaching everyone from the end public to the actual agents of the productive chain. Besides the informative material developed especially for this purpose, regular meetings are also staged to discuss issues such as technical aspects, market behavior and the appearance of trends. Along with the meetings, focused market studies are undertaken in each of the target markets that are presented and made available to companies that are part of the project.

Trade Promotion

Effort is developed to build trade relations among project participants and potential importers in selected markets. Actions are focused on the creation of an environment for establishing business, such as fairs, business networking meetings in Brazil and abroad to increase the export of rice and its derivatives. Special projects developed by Apex-Brasil, such as Carnival Project, the Formula Indy Project, the Confederations Cup Project and the World Cup Project are also provided to participating companies.

Institutional Initiatives

Articulation of the Brazilian rice farming industry with its partners and suppliers has always sought a political positioning with regards to issues that are important to the sector. Through these initiatives, projects linked to Abiarroz are present at events around the world, promoting this high quality Brazilian product.